What are the benefits of including a booking form with integrated CLOUDERCAR payment on your car rental company’s website?

1. Booking form and website: A booking form with integrated payment on a car rental company website is a key innovation in the vehicle rental services industry, as it offers numerous benefits to both users and the company itself. This tool simplifies the entire booking process and makes the user experience extremely convenient and efficient.

2. rates, discounts, and online payments: First, the CLOUDERCAR integrated payment booking module eliminates the need for complex financial transactions later or having to upload credit card information from email or over the phone with risks of non-compliance with privacy regulations and minimizes the risk of no-shows and allows the car rental company greater security in resource planning. Users can select the desired vehicle, choose pickup and return dates, and immediately confirm the reservation with an online payment. This greatly reduces the number of unhonored reservations, thereby improving the company’s efficiency and customer satisfaction. The CLOUDERCAR booking module is fully parameterizable: full payment in advance, non-refundable deposit, payment on pickup, discount with immediate payment, different rental formulas provided according to mileage, price or days: all these factors can be changed and are business choices of the car rental company.

3. Comprehensive offer of vehicles, deals and rates for the customer: In addition, CLOUDERCAR’s integrated payment reservation module offers users the ability to view vehicle availability and related costs in real time. This transparency allows them to make informed decisions, saving valuable time. In addition, discounts or special promotions can be offered in real time, further encouraging users to book. The CLOUDERCAR platform never provides an offer of 0 vehicles, in the case of no availability the booking is on stand-by which the car rental company can confirm or not according to their own management and availability policy.

4. Simplification of reservations and payments: On the company’s side, this tool simplifies the management of reservations and payments, minimizing the risk of human error. It also makes it possible to collect useful data on customers and their preferences, thus facilitating the personalization of offers and customer loyalty. Rates can be modulated according to seasonality or days of the week for a modern and flexible digital offer tailored to the customer.

5. Vehicle information: the CLOUDERCAR platform allows you to enter all useful data to choose the right vehicle: displacement, fuel, doors, luggage, ZTL access,… with clear and modern graphics to finalize the reservation and payment in a few steps in an intuitive way.

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