How does CLOUDERCAR help you in the process a car rental company must follow to report driver data when receiving a traffic ticket via PEC, streamline your workflow and improve your collections?

1. Receipt of the traffic ticket via PEC: The car rental company receives a ticket notification via PEC, which may come from traffic control agencies or competent authorities.

2. Driver’s identification: The car rental company must identify the driver of the vehicle at the time of the contravention. This can be done through rental records and information collected at the time of rental, such as a copy of the driver’s ID and signature of the rental agreement.

3. Communication to the driver: Once the driver has been identified, the rental company should contact the driver to inform him or her of the violation. This communication should include all relevant information about the contravention, such as date, location, and nature of the violation.

4. Collection of required information: The car rental company should collect all information required by the contravention, such as copies of the rental agreement, identification documents, vehicle registrations, and any other required documentation. These documents should be scanned and prepared for response via PEC.

5. Response to the contravention via PEC: The car rental company should prepare a formal response to the contravention. This response should include all requested information and should be sent via PEC to the appropriate authorities. Ensure that the response is complete and in accordance with local laws.

6. Monitoring and follow-up: After sending the response via PEC, the car rental company should monitor the case to ensure that it is resolved properly. It is essential to keep a record of PEC communications for future reference and ensure that the driver is informed of the outcome of the case.

7. Debit for file handling : The car rental company can expect to charge a lump sum to the client/driver for conducting the above paperwork since he/she would be required to pay the fine within the legal time limit and in any case upon receipt of the report. The driver is also required to comply with speed limits and rules of access to certain restricted traffic zones so that in the event of receipt of a ticket the charge for the costs of conducting the procedure are generally legitimate provided that they are clearly specified in the general terms and conditions of the car rental contract with possible charge amounts and made available to the client/driver.

8. CLOUDERCAR Fine Management Functionality: This procedure is time-consuming and cumbersome due to the amount of documents that need to be found, attached, and sent via PEC to the competent authority in order to charge the contravention to the actual driver. The CLOUDERCAR platform natively integrates the form for automated management of traffic tickets by sending the required documents from your PEC directly connected to the reserved work area of the CLOUDERCAR platform with a form with all relevant data of the car rental company, the driver, your car rental company, signed contracts and data of the rented vehicle pre-filled in autom atically and instantly. The form can be downloaded and signed by you for an uncontestable procedure before being sent PEC-to-PEC to the competent authority with courtesy copy to the client/driver.

9. CLOUDERCAR procedure management cost charge functionality :

If the client has paid via the online VivaWallet mode you can legitimately charge the cost for processing the case, you will be paid instantly and can send the electronic invoice for the amount. Remember to specify amounts and terms in your general terms and conditions of car rental contract and have them paid by VivaWallet online mode (payment from your website, with link sent via email or whatsapp or with card data entered directly from terminal. Card data is legitimately stored by the banking partner in accordance with the law.

10. Advantages of the CLOUDERCAR technology: Save time, carry out all obligations in accordance with the law and collect immediately with the minutes management feature included in the basic package of the CLOUDERCAR platform.

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