How can the CLOUDERCAR rental management system help you fulfill legal obligations related to the CARGOS anti-terrorism regulations?

CLOUDERCAR features an integrated function that allows you to comply with the legal requirements of anti-terrorism regulations and upload data to the CARGOS platform with just one click.

  1. The Legislative Decree : The Legislative Decree of October 4, 2018, No. 113, converted with amendments by Law No. 132 of December 1, 2018, introduced, for the purpose of preventing terrorism, prescriptions regarding the rental contract for motor vehicles. In particular, Article 17 of the mentioned decree established the obligation for operators of self-drive vehicle rental businesses to communicate to the police headquarters the identifying data presented in the identity document exhibited by the person requesting the rental of a vehicle. This applies to motor vehicles with at least four wheels, excluding motorcycles, as defined in Article 54 of Legislative Decree No. 285 of April 20, 1992. The matter is also regulated by Ministerial Decree of October 29, 2021, published in the Official Gazette No. 282 of November 26, 2021, which outlines the technical methods through which operators, as per Article 1 of the Presidential Decree of December 19, 2001, No. 481, are required to communicate the identifying data from identity documents presented by individuals requesting vehicle rental. Rental contracts for shared mobility services and car sharing are exempt from the communication requirement.
  2. How CLOUDERCAR supports you with uploading data in a click : Once driver, vehicle, and rental data are entered, the CLOUDERCAR technology allows you to save and send the data to the customer, suggesting uploading them to the CARGOS platform with your credentials in just one click.
  3. Integrating your CARGOS credentials in your CLOUDERCAR work space: The CLOUDERCAR car rental platform is connected to your CARGOS profile using your credentials, rental station data, and token before starting to use it. This process occurs automatically and without further requests. Upload data is immediately sent upon your click to comply with legal requirements that stipulate the commencement of rentals with uploaded CARGOS data.
  4. Native API Integration : Catalogue segmentation follows the CARGOS division to facilitate work, and all required data is automatically uploaded from specific fields in the rental form. No additional operations are required, except for confirmation before submission.

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